Saturday, April 7, 2007

New Photo Blog: Shutterbuggery

Here is the link to the new photo blog. Lots of good things on there. Go visit!

A sample:

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shutdown sooner had it begun then it ends.

I'm ending this blog this week and re-locating it to another service (with new and better photos!).

I am so sick of dealing with Every other day there is a new snag or sometimes the same old snag repeated. I really like a lot because even though they have snags, they do fix them relatively quickly. With Blogger it seems they just don't give a damn. I may move to LJ but I'm going to look around at other free services before deciding.

At least it's best that I re-locate my photo journal elsewhere now while it's still small. I would hate to keep it here and then when I've got tons of photos posted months down the road, I would have to start all over somewhere else.

Also, I need to figure out how to better organize my photos and files before I begin posting them. Once you post photos you cannot rearrange the files or you will lose the photos from the blog and have to upload them all over again. I'd rather take a break and just get myself organized.

Please stay tuned. This migration will only take a few days at the absolute most. I have some very pretty new pictures coming when I get fully moved to the new location.